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It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Graham Coveyduck, an exceptional individual whose life was marked by extraordinary adventures, unwavering courage, and a remarkable sense of humor. Graham departed this world on June 26, 2023, leaving behind cherished memories and a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire all who had the privilege of knowing him.

Graham Coveyduck was born in 1939 and spent early childhood with his sister and a doting mother who taught them to love the arts and reading. At the age of 5, his mother fell ill and he was placed in a children’s home (he referred to it as an orphanage), where he formed an unbreakable bond with his beloved sister, Elizabeth. Their shared experiences in the absence of parents – and revolving through foster care – forged within them a resilience and determination that would guide Graham throughout his life.

Driven by a passion for knowledge and a deep desire to care for others, he pursued a career in dentistry. Dr. Coveyduck’s unique gift of humor became an integral part of his patient care, brightening the lives of those he treated. With his witty remarks and infectious laughter, he created a welcoming environment, putting his patients at ease. Dr. Coveyduck took great pride in his ability to administer painless injections, a skill he often boasted about, earning the trust and admiration of his patients. 

Dr. Coveyduck regularly provided free dental care to the residents of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, sailed to remote islands of Micronesia to do the same, worked in Denver for the Cenikor Foundation’s addiction treatment center and the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped. As a man familiar with personal hardship, he was driven to help others. 

While Graham’s professional achievements were significant, his greatest source of joy and pride was his role as a loving father to his two children, Scott and Susan. He instilled in them his unwavering zest for life, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and embrace the world’s wonders. Graham’s nurturing and supportive nature shaped his children into confident individuals, carrying forward his spirit of fearlessness and adventure.

Graham will forever be cherished in the hearts of his sister, Elizabeth Wallace, his children, Susan and Scott, his grandchildren, extended family, and friends. His legacy as a fearless risk-taker, a compassionate dentist who brought smiles to the faces of his patients, and a loving father will continue to inspire generations to come.

As we bid farewell to Dr. Graham Coveyduck, let us celebrate the remarkable life he lived. His humor, courage, and dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others will forever be remembered.

Rest in peace, Graham Coveyduck. Your laughter, fearlessness, and painless injections will be cherished forever, and your memory will continue to bring joy to all who hold you dear.

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  1. Judy England Avatar

    This is a wonderful recollection of memories that you have created for us to enjoy! He was so giving to me and I appreciate having you and Susan in my life too!

  2. Anita Seehase Avatar
    Anita Seehase

    What an extraordinary man he was! He was the one who started my career in dentistry, taught me everything I know. After 15+ years working with him, I was very sad when he retired, but knew, he was going to start the next chapter in his life and continue to doing wonderful things in the world.
    He touched so many lives. He was my patch Adam. Loved his bowties, his sense of humor and will cherish all the memories I have of him! Thank you, Graham Coveyduck for let me be a part of your life!

  3. Linda M Varner-Truitt Avatar
    Linda M Varner-Truitt

    I L❤️VE YOU, sir. Absolutely one of a kind! 😥 Hugs.

  4. Karen Avatar

    Graham will always be a shining star in my life and my memories. We shared so many adventures and fun times. He gave so very much to everyone around him with his humor and his professional expertise. He will be remembered with love.

  5. Frank Haskett` Avatar
    Frank Haskett`

    A very unique and funny guy. I’m so glad that he was in my life. He brought joy and compassion to so many people. He was the best.

  6. Sharon Minick Avatar
    Sharon Minick

    I have just finished rereading two wonderful articles about Graham: “Little Shop of Humor” and another one calling him the “Patch Adams of Dentistry.” There were other articles published about this remarkable person over the years. He was a treasure as my dentist and as my friend. I had so much fun hiking, seeing movies, playing cards, etc. with him. He was so witty and entertaining that it was a great loss to see him lose his ability to speak well. I will always love him.

  7. Sandy Neely Avatar
    Sandy Neely

    Graham was part of our Melodious Meridians at the Brookdale Meridian Westland for several years. Our group enjoyed his humor and wonderful singing voice! What a talented man!

  8. Maddie Almquist Avatar
    Maddie Almquist

    I had the greatest pleasure of being one of Graham’s caregivers. Over the seven too short months that I knew him, he brought me so many unexpected but much needed laughs. Even in the midst of his pain, he was considerate and sweet. I’ve seen him described as the Patch Adams of dentistry, and though I didn’t know him while he was working, nothing seems more fitting to describe Graham.
    I sat with him on New Year’s Eve and we cheered for a new year together. He didn’t know that I was having a horrible night, and when he asked me to stay and celebrate, he didn’t know that he made my night infinitely better. I believe that Graham had a healing soul, that even without thinking or trying, he healed those around him.
    I’ll never forget the many days and nights I spent talking with him and laughing, and I’ll find peace knowing that his legacy will live on in the many lives that he touched.

    1. Debbie Barney Avatar
      Debbie Barney

      I was friends with Graham 51 years. You are quite insightful! He was a healer for sure, without even trying!
      Thank you for staying that New Year’s Eve. Believe me, it meant as much to him as it did to you I’m sure.
      Very nice comments.

  9. Anne Randolph Avatar

    I adored Dr. Coveyduck and even considered marrying him but did not. He was fun, funny, caring and delightful. We met by accident in a parking lot when I was leaving a Weight Watcher’s follow-up and he was leaving his office and we began to talk. I am sorry and surprised to read of his passing. He was a lovely man. His legacy will live on.

  10. Scott Coveyduck Avatar
    Scott Coveyduck

    Graham’s burial was today, July 26, one month to the day after his passing. Per his wishes, his body was cremated; a portion of his cremains buried at Fort Logan National Cemetery and the remainder to be scattered near the home he built in the rural woodlands of Southwest Missouri.

    I spoke a few words at the brief military service today and was asked to share them, so I am doing that here. Per my twisted nature, I opened with a joke but failed to know my audience.


    Firstly, I would like to thank the crematory for fulfilling my father’s final burning desire. (it was so quiet I could hear his ashes laughing)

    My Dad turned away visitors at the end.
    He didn’t want a memorial service. He cared for countless people in his life and had dear friends who meant the world to him. He didn’t want us to see him dying or to be troubled by the sadness of his loss.

    His retirement wasn’t what he had planned.
    He built a house in the woods, far from home. The woods reminded him of where he grew up and it was a venture consistent with his audacious life. That place is mine now but it will always be his. The rest of his cremains will live there, in memorial.

    My Dad had a gift for connecting with people.
    In his early years, it developed as a survival tool but manifest into a skill critical to his success in caring for others. His lifetime of friends is testament to this. The scores of patients who remember him is too.

    I posted something for sale online recently and heard from one of his former patients who recognized my name. She was a new patient in 1980 at age twenty, has a husband and grown kids now, all patients, all loved him and his practice.

    Behind his career, he was also a father without having had a role model. He didn’t always get it right but he won in the end. One of his kids turned out alright.

    He was full of disappointment that his retirement was lost.
    I share that disappointment with him but it didn’t define him. He continued to make new friends and care for others until the very end.

    Final farewells are tough. I miss him.
    I don’t miss his struggle with Parkinson’s.
    I don’t miss the falls, the mind fog, or the days of panicked tremors.
    I do miss the Dad he was, the grandfather he had become, and the man who shaped who I am today.

    We will all carry his memory with us, it is something we share.
    Thank you for being here to share this moment with us.

    1. Debbie Barney Avatar
      Debbie Barney

      That was bautiful Scott and I think the joke was very dad, very you and very funny! (What might be even funnier is that no one laughed.). 😂
      Not living near to him over the last 40 some years has made me mourn and grieve his situation a long time ago.
      I, like you, miss the life he lived, the person he was, and for me the wonderful joy and friendship he imparted to my life for 51 years.
      I love you Scott.
      Much love, Debbie

  11. Anita Flora Avatar
    Anita Flora

    Graham was an extraordinary personality with a caring soul. He was the life of a party yet he would share a friend’s heartache with true compassion and empathy. I feel blessed to have known him as we shared some adventures of the heart and remained longtime friends. Even my mother, who met Graham only twice, said she had a lot of fun with him and she would ask about him often.

  12. JUDY Avatar

    Scott you can be assured that you have the same creativity as your Father! Those recent words were wonderful!

  13. Virginia King Avatar
    Virginia King

    I worked for Graham for 10 years. In that time I got to know what a truly kind human being he was.
    We would have lunch together and talk about God, even though he would say he didn’t believe in God, he would always tell me to pray for him just in case. I truly believe he is up in heaven. He was a wonderful person, generous and caring. I wish I would have had the chance to see him again before he passed. What a remarkable person! Rest in peace, Graham

  14. Carolyn Wiesen Avatar
    Carolyn Wiesen

    “He didn’t always get it right but in the end he won.” Scott’s words captured a life that was remarkable in ways his son did not fully know. I knew Graham for 60 years. I fell in love with a young man who had extraordinary qualities that contradicted his tumultuous childhood. I was his wife for 10 years and mother of his children. I am in awe how Graham matured those extraordinary qualities over a lifetime and touched so many others in meaningful ways, especially his children. Graham’s early adult years were a painful struggle to cope with more than life in a children’s home could teach. Neither of us were equipped for the challenges that lay ahead, despite a shared belief we could overcome anything with love the day we said, “I do”. The 10 years held amazing experiences to include hitchhiking throughout Europe for three months, living in Australia for two years, and starting a family. But they also included many mistakes. Our marriage did not survive, but our children have emerged with the best of each of us. I’m grateful to God that apologies and forgiveness put poor choices in the past. I’m also confident that Graham is resting with his Creator who made him to be so unique.

  15. Donna Phillips Avatar
    Donna Phillips

    It is with great sadness that I learned of Grahams passing. When he visited Newfoundland in the 80’s that is when we met each other …. He came to visit his Uncle Graham which was my Grandfather. We stayed in contact with letter but over time we lost contact again. Graham was and always will be very special to me. Memories are one of the most precious gift one can have …. I will cherish those memories of his visit, Until we meet again!!!!!

  16. Joe Zaino Avatar
    Joe Zaino

    I met Graham at The House of the Good Shepard in Utica, N.Y some 70 plus years ago at my age of 8. He was one of the nicest kids and well liked by all. After my leaving the home and moving to Toledo, Ohio; I saw him once again. This was approximately 1959, and he was on a Mo-Ped heading for the west coast.
    What a great person! Cheers to you Graham and good luck in heaven!

  17. Kris Crocker Avatar
    Kris Crocker

    I was one of Graham’s neighbors at Kendrick Lake Quads. I just yesterday found out that her passed. Once he moved from here, I could never find out much about where he was & how he was. I looked at all the wonderful pictures & comments. I didn’t know him that well, but we had a few dinners together and more conversations on the porch. I associate cats with him (some really funny stories), the property he loved in maybe Arkansas, and his extended trips to Australia. I also have a newspaper clipping about him in his clown persona. He was definitely a memorable character with a zest for life.

  18. Gerda Mohl Avatar
    Gerda Mohl

    Graham was, for many years, my neighbor at Kendrick Lake Quads. We enjoyed laughs and stories together. I remember him talking with pride about the house in Missouri that he was building. My best memories are when the neighbors would get together for progressive dinners. He was always a great host and laughter throughout the evening. It was always a good time. I still use Graham’s ‘hack’ (although he didn’t call it that) for making guacamole. I have learned even more about home reading comments from others. What an extraordinary life. He will be missed by many.

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